Market Entry

Nueve provides market entry strategy to Indian/Foreign companies looking to launch a new product/service in India. Nueve helps its clients by defining the unknowns related to market need, market segmentation, pricing strategy, communication strategy and marketing campaigns which will work for their product/service.

Nueve has a sound understanding of Indian market and its dynamics which helps it in identifying the most suitable market entry strategy for companies.

Nueve helps companies in answering the following questions:

  • Which product/service to launch?
  • What pricing to offer?
  • How to communicate to market?
  • Where to launch initially? At later stages?
  • Which legal compliances to be observed?

Market Feasibility is conducted through detailed secondary and primary research, as detailed in next section.

Nueve @ Work

Nueve enjoys doing rigorous ground work and implementing their recommended strategy by joining hands with the clients. This section contains images which reflect the kind of work that we do, especially the implementation of market entry strategy recommended to one of our clients.

Celebrations @ Nueve

At Nueve, celebrations are an integral part of work. We like to cherish small successes and make the most out of them. This section has a glimpse of the fun activities going on at Nueve, be it our office ceremony on completion of 5 months, anniversary celebrations, or Diwali blast.

Corporate Social Responsibilities @ Nueve

JRD Tata had once said "Society gives us so much, we must reciprocate". Nueve firmly believes in the same and continuously engages with social organizations to help them with their activities. Here are some glimpses from those organizations and their activities.